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Let All the Stars Inside Me Shine/ What I See is Me

Photographs from public performances of queerness.

 Dear Agents, we're very excited to bring you the second part in a fun series of images, made for you with love! What's it all about? Well, although the English language media in India is sensitive to LGBTQ issues, there is not enough representation of LGBTQ persons that goes beyond pride marches​ or a few key events. When writing about the community, media professionals find it difficult to get hold of appropriate images that are local and representative. For these images, as part of the Being Equal campaign, Agents of Ishq is collaborating with Yaariyan and the Humsafar Trust to create diverse, more nuanced images of the LGBTQ community that will be part of the public domain, and free to use for any individual or media outlet. All you have to do is give due credit to photographer Reshma Pritam Singh and Agents of Ishq/Humsafar Trust. In this series, we focus on public performance. So come along, join the show! (You can view the first part, Being Equal, Being Queer Rozana, here.) Sushant Divgikar during the sound check before a drag performance at Kitty Su, Mumbai. Drag queen Tropical Marca, played by Mark Mascarenhas, at Kitty Su. Tropical Marca at Kitty Su. Sushant at Kitty Su. Drag queen Maya, played by Alex Mathew, at Kitty Su. Drag queens Rani, played by Sushant, and Maya at Kitty Su. Yash Singh and his drag queen avatar Lisa, at a studio in Delhi. Rani getting ready, Kitty Su. Rani getting ready, Kitty Su. Rani getting ready, Kitty Su. Rani getting ready, Kitty Su. Mandeep Raikhy and Lalit Khatana during rehearsals for the performance Queen Size at Gati Dance Forum, Delhi. Mandeep and Lalit during rehearsals for Queen Size.

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