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Phoolz For Love - A Video

Love doesn't happen only between girls and boys, but in all kinds of combinations. And love means different things to different people too! Ruia college celebrates Rose Day with a difference and it will leave you warm and fuzzy with a big smile on your face!

Mumbai's Ruia college celebrated Rose Day - a day when you show you someone they make your heart go bump, by giving them a rose - with a difference.
Not only was it an LGBT inclusive Rose Day, it was also a day when they expanded the definition of love to include many more emotions.
The world is changing. More people are out about their sexual orientation and emotional preferences, at least to their friends and in turn their friends begin to see the world differently. Agents Of Ishq's heartwarming video about this event reminds us that diversity comes from a loving heart, from knowing different kinds of people and creative ways of expressing this diversity.
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