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Sharanya Manivannan’s Sexy Saturday Songs

1. Slow, Hot & Sweaty – JJ Grey and Mofro 

If that bassline doesn’t do it to you, the lyrics will.

2. Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers

Such a sad song with such unsexy lyrics, yet somehow…

3. Sandai Kozhi – A.R. Rahman

The ultimate make-up sex song lyrics. And if you don’t know Tamil – it’s okay – some things translate anyway…

4. Inji Idupazhagi – Ilayaraja

I, a grown and some say shameless woman, cannot listen to this without blushing. Can you?

5. Paiyyada – Aruna Sairam

The erotic longing of this song by the 17th century poet Kshetrayya in Aruna Sairam’s husky voice… Sexy is cerebral too, no? That’s why I looked up the translation…

6. El Chicano – Sabor a Mi

There’s a time for the flagrance of Besame Mucho (anyone’s version – melancholic like Cesaria Evora or flamboyant like Lila Downs), and then there’s a time for this subtle sensuality…

7. Soha – Mil Pasos

Sshhh.. Don’t think, just listen.

8. Billie Holiday – Lover, Come Back To Me (Clef Records, 1952)  

There are many recordings of this song, but this one is so delightful that you hear it as a siren song, a seduction, and not a lament. Which lover, long gone or not, could resist?

9. Bizhu – Palpitations

A songbird you may not have heard of, but should listen to, gives us this peppy-as-a-crush number.

10. Glory Box – Portishead

Because difficult women do it better.

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Sharanya Manivannan is the author of four books, including the award-winning The High Priestess Never Marries.

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