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Dil Tutta Toh Naach Karo : Debasmita's Sexy Saturday Songs

I have a confession to make.

I feel sexiest when I am dancing alone after some girl breaks my heart. My motto is “Dil toota to naacho” and this playlist is going to reflect the dramatic, heartbroken, emo, queer lady emotions that certain musicians have managed to make perfect music for.

1. Dancing On My Own (Robyn)

Robyn’s sad yet happy electro-pop number is honest, grief-ridden and hopeful at the same time, to remind you of the sexy, strong, emotional being you are in the aftermath of life-ka-drama so that you keep dancing. Only Robyn can make sad sexy with her honesty.

2. Tears Dry On Their Own (Amy Winehouse)

Let her voice remind you of the sexy sad femme fatale you feel like as you puff out a pretend smoke (pretend) and groove to her lovely seductive voice. Let her also drop a few wisdom bombs on you like “I should just be my own best friend, not fuck myself in the head with stupid men”. Or women.

3. Red Flags (Florio)

This song is for when you are feeling less angry and more reminiscent about sexy times with the fuckboi you need to say goodbye to (for which go to number 4).

4. Goodbye Goodbye (Tegan And Sara)

As a queer child of the internet who was too acquainted with American LGBT culture, Tegan and Sara became a staple for dealing with heartbreak. This song is for you to intensely relate to (like I do with every song of theirs) and dance to. The pop-y beats will encourage you to sing along dramatically and hop around till you touch the ceiling.

5. I Will Survive (Gloria Gayno)

This classic is for that moment when you let go of all attachment, channel your inner emotionally resilient diva and just. Dance.

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Debasmita Das is technically an animator and illustrator studying in Bangalore and is a socially awkward human chasing cats and everything queer the rest of the time.  

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