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Ten Thundering Tips for Internet Ishq with Digital Security!

Steps to retain your intimate and private internet-self

Strengthen your first line of defence. Passphrases (aka a sentence, not a word) are stronger. Throw in some symbols and numbers too (only as long as it’s not obvious numbers like you or your partners’ or your kids’ birthdate). Avoid using the same password in multiple places. 

Check the safety options your dating app offers. Many have built-in safety features and promote their safety guidelines often. But here are some simple tips: avoid using the same photo as your social media profiles, if you don’t want people to reverse-search using your image and find you online. Dating apps letting you sign in with your social media account seems convenient, but stay aware of how much is revealed on your profile as a result. 

Some precautions when taking your courtship offline - video calling your date to rule out any chances of them being a catfish, meet in public initially, keeping a friend updated about your location, etc.

Be mindful about revealing your immediate location when posting online. Use #latergram where you can! That online stalker might want to find you offline too, toh karo avoid. While you’re at it, might as well not keep your location settings turned on, except when needed. Don’t let apps in the background know where you are all the time. Bonus - it helps preserve battery also!

AKA do not leave your accounts signed in. Especially when using someone else’s PC. Leaving them signed in all the time is worse than wearing the mask under your nose - someone could easily change your passwords, access your digital maal and leave you locked out of your own accounts! 
Enable two factor authentication wherever possible. Matlab, in order to login to your Twitter, FB, email, etc  you’ll need an OTP from your phone. But this means you gotta keep your phone safe too! If you don’t like OTP via SMS business, authenticator apps are also available - look them up!

For nudes and sexting, use apps with 1) end-to-end encryption 2) disappearing messages features 3) screenshot notifier 4) which don’t require email or number to sign up. A quick online search will tell you which apps to use! Want to be anon? Avoid showing your face, birthmarks or other unique identifying details. Apps like Obscuracam let you pixelate your photos strategically. Metadata editors like Photo Exif Editor let you scrub out the time and location from pictures. You can also keep your nudes in an encrypted folder on your device.

Ever had that moment when you told your friend about that Goa plan and the entire next week, travel packages ke ads spammed your feed? If you’re afraid your mobile is listening to you, hold back on app permissions! Does it really need access to my microphone? Or my location? Or my contacts? Good to question before you go tap tap tap allow!

Arre Agents, there are so many security & privacy settings. Might as well use them! Know how much intel people can get on you from your profiles. From not letting people look you up through your email id or phone number to getting rid of ad preferences (aka the hazaron keywords FB uses to show you ads), there’s much to explore. Settings also change over time, so stay updated!

Hate it when the search bar tells you everything you’ve been looking for lately? Got a strong craving for staying anon? Use incognito mode or private windows while browsing. Your browser won’t save your records, lekin lekin your ISP (internet service provider), workplace/school administrator & the websites you visit may still do. You can also use the DuckDuckGo search engine or Tor Browser which were made to protect your privacy. Bonus tip - Enable the ‘do not track’ option in browser settings & clear cookies/temp files regularly. 
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