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#Unfinished Business: A Conversation about Sudden Heartbreaks

Expert tips on dealing with a broken heart.

October 10th is observed as World Mental Health Day. A key part of good mental health is being able to deal with life's up and downs with emotional resilience. One of these experiences which we all go through - is heartbreak.
Dil ka maamlas can get very complicated, especially if the breakup happens suddenly, and we are often left wondering what went wrong - and get stuck in an obsessive cycle. So we did a twitter chat with Clinical Psychologist Sonali Gupta on ways of dealing with sudden heartbreak, about Ghosting, Gaslighting, Lovebombing and Cheating, among other common and relevant issues related to dating these days. We ended with the understanding that all emotions are valid - even a little silly behaviour - and sometimes healing takes time and we've got to ride it out. Most of all listening to others' experiences helps us feel less isolated. So here's the whole chat storified - with Sonali's wonderful advice on how to deal with a toota dil!
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