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My Post-Baby Boobs - A Comic

Short tales about a pair of boobs living the postpartum life #WorldBreastfeedingWeek

The comic was made as a part of Kadak Collective for Gender Bender 2018

Priya Dali is a work-in-progress human, an illustrator and the Creative Director of Gaysi Family, a media platform and a safe space for queer desis that was formed in 2008.

She is a maker of many, very queer things. Through her work, she conversations about gender, sex and sexuality and strives to make them accessible through comics, zines and other creative mediums. She is the illustrator of the children’s books; ‘Grace: One engineer's fight to make science education accessible for all’ published by Pratham Books and ‘The Boy in the Cupboard’ published by Gaysi Family and Lettori Press.

In her free time, she likes drawing bad jokes!

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