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Radhika Vaz's Sexy Saturday Songs

1. Dum Maro Dum 

Reason it's a sexy song? Two words - Zeenat Aman.

2. Get Lucky (Daft Punk)

It's just a good time song about - what else - getting lucky!

3. Whats Love Got To Do With It

I LOVE TINA! And this song was the first time I realized love didn't need to be involved with sex.

4. Night Fever by the BeeGees  

I can't help it, I love disco and hairy guys with high pitched voices who can make me dance no matter how depressing things are.

5. Hotline Bling

Whats hotter than no-complication-sex on demand?

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Radhika Vaz is widely recognized as this generation’s feminist voice, and one of the country’s most well recognized stand-up comedians with an international following. Her one-woman comedy specials, “Unladylike” and “Older. Angrier. Hairier.” have sold-out in New York, Los Angeles, and all major Indian cities.

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