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Sexy Saturday Songs by Agents of Ishq

You’ll be surprised – and happily so – at how often loving yourself shows up in songs. So here’s a playlist of songs with a healthy relationship with masturbation. Whether or not they touch you, they sure are touching themselves.

1. Prince Charming can be battery operated, no horses, but some horse-power. Here’s Macy Gray’s ode to her lover B.O.B. – Battery Operated Boyfriend – whom she keeps always very close. Make sure you watch the video to see your baby b.o.b showing you his always up for love moves. 

2. Beyonce and Nicky Minaj in a song about feeling themselves – what’s not to want to hear? These chanel bags might be a bad habit, says Nicky, but back off while she jacks off – because that’s certainly not one. On the day that the song was released there were 20,000 tweets with the hashtag #feelingmyself – we hope at least half of them really did.

3. Tori Amos’ masturbation song Icicle starts in a slow, trembling, lingering way, perhaps the way it all starts sometimes. Making lots of references to the good book and religion but linking it to self pleasure through the track – she sings - when they say take of his body, I think ill take from mine instead. If you feel like you are reading too much into the track, the chorus comes in telling you exactly what she’s upto – getting off getting off. 

4. I Touch Myself by Divinyls

Do you have this wanting to touch yourself feeling when you think of a certain someone? You know that ongoing masturbation fantasy story you have that runs into episodes, that’s what this song is about.

When I think about you, I touch myself

I touch myself
I touch myself
honestly do

5. Raaton Ko Chori Chori Bole Mora Kangna by Asha Bhonsle

This beautiful song has all the lonesome intensity of self-service in love, the moon symbolizing love, and the love-type feelings you want to assuage as you think of love. And if you doubt this, you only have to watch the video for confirmation.

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