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Sex Actually: It Was My First Time, and I Had Gotten My Period!

As part of our #SexActually series, we asked people to write to us about their real-life experiences of sex. This 23-year-old author tells us about her recent experience of putting theory into practice and why it will always be special to her. (23 then, 23 now)

    It was the first time for both of us. We were talking about how it's not wise for us to continue this relationship, but he ended up coming to my place when my parents weren't home. It was not a slow start. We went for it aggressively as we had missed each other a lot. (We hadn't met or spoken in a long time.) It started off with small moments like continuous and intense French kisses, which moved to the bed eventually. We were all over each other, and we had discussed sex for a brief while when he had decided to head over to my place. So, on his way, he bought some condoms. As we proceeded to oral sex, he asked if I am fine with having sex. I said yes, and both of us were anxious and wondering slightly if what we knew in theory was how it worked in practice as well. I was on top and since the vagina was pretty tight, we struggled to get in.
As if things couldn't get worse, I realised I was getting period cramps and went to the restroom to check. Yes, I had gotten my period! I remember reading on the Internet that sex during periods reduces cramps, and I asked if he was fine with proceeding. Then we resorted to the usual missionary position and he finally managed to get into me. The moment he entered was painful. There was a sharp pain passing through the body and entering my head. I almost thought of stopping him. As he continued to move back and forth, it became more of pleasure. The pain was gone and the session intensified as he varied his pace throughout the process. He reached his climax first but kept going knowing that I haven't reached mine. After a few more minutes of action, he saw the blood on his condom and was taken aback. I said it was probably my period blood along with some blood that might have come as it was my first time. We cleaned up and got back to bed where we were snuggling, thinking of how the conversation started and where we had ended up.
The best part about sex, apart from the climax, was the sweat on his body after all the work in spite of being in an air conditioned room. I could play with it all day. After sex, the small smiles and kisses are nowhere near to lust but full of love and admiration, which make them more special. One of the most memorable evenings in my life. Could be because it was the first time, or could be because it was that good. Whatever the reason, it is always special and close to my heart, even though we went our ways a couple of months after the incident.
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