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Travel With Me – An Erotic Poem

Written By Kiran Kakade

Illustrated by Mannat Khanna



I’d travel kilometers on your chest with my lips,

Maybe hop onto a train once,

and at other times,

board the many trams along the road of your neck…


“Catch me.”

Each time I escape being caught, I’ll open a button of your shirt.


I’d sit pillion while you ride us on the highway, but

Become the driver when we’re passing by the beaches.

The waves will come from the sea,

But they’ll hit your shore.


When we’re driving through the desert, and your wheels are in my hands,

I don’t think

we’ll need water.

I’ll kiss your lips and you’ll see a mirage.


The stormy skies may perhaps feel insecure, watching us

fiercely rub our bodies against each other.

The dark clouds of our souls will clash, and

I’ll gasp.

Each breath sounding like thunder, its decibels

increasing with the speed and intensity

Of each strike of your lightning.”

“Don’t stop.”

And yet,

it will rain somewhere else.



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