The First Indian Penis Survey

Are you In a Complicated Relationship with your Penis?
We talk a lot about body image but often that does not include ‘certain’ parts of our bodies.
So when our regular Agents of Ishq reader Anand Krishnamoorthi suggested we collaborate on creating a survey to see what the public ki attitude to their penis is like, we thought, how come no one thought of this before?
So here it is, a first of its kind, questions to help all of us understand what people are feeling about the penis with gentle kindness, love and honesty.
We know you want to know this, so – Yes This Survey Is Completely Anonymous.
Do try to answer every question – but it is not compulsory to answer something that makes you very uncomfortable.
Because we have no marketing goals and no conversion plan. We’re just trying to get a conversation started.

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Image by Anthony Stevens.



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