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Teens Write #NotesToMyGenitals

If Teens could write letters to their private parts, what would they say? Can the silence and judgement they learn about their genitals be replaced with care and understanding?

Orikalankini, an organization changing menstruation and sexality conversations in India, conducted a fellowship for a few teens, some young women some non-binary. For 13 weeks, under the guidance of a diverse pool of facilitators, they used art and theatre activities to reflect on their teenage experiences and discuss adulthood, intimacy, boundaries, parents, dating and their bodies.

Traversing questions about difficulty and pain, to confessing dheere-dheere pyaar, to wonder ka izhaar, the teens eventually wrote thank you notes to the multifaceted talents of their private parts.

Read below, the words of  Sanmyukta (woman), Saumya (woman), Anindita (woman),  Shwethambari (non-binary), Zoya (woman), Tenzin, (woman), Thanvishree (woman), Ummul (woman), Khushi (woman), Mira, (non binary), Diya (woman), Hiba (woman) in their #NotesToMyGenitals















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