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SexEtt: The Courteous Indian’s Guide to Dating in the 21st century

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Dating in the 21st century is way different than it was once. Sex without marriage is no longer a rarity, open-ended dating is way more common, as is dating different people at the same time.

But does casual dating or casual sex mean we treat each other casually – translation, rudely or without regard? Aren’t there times you’ve felt somehow slighted by a partner’s behavior, but not known what to say for fear of sounding un-cool?

Are there times you’ve not known what is the right thing to say, for fear of giving offence and then ended up saying the wrong thing anyway?

But there is alas, no really handy guide to Sexual Etiquette or SexEtt.

We sure would love to have one.

And many people we spoke to would too.

So, we asked them what Sexual Ettiquette questions were on their minds. Here are some they sent in.

If you’re going out on a date, and you think there is likely to be sex, who should carry the condom? – Shaheen, 21, Mumbai
If you get someone over, should they ask if they can spend the night or just leave when you’ll are done? Is it rude to ask them not to? Is it rude if they chose not to? – Akhil, 28, Delhi

Is it rude to leave before the person wakes up? – Mona, 22, Bangalore

If you sent a text saying, “I had a good time, thanks, take care” is that a decent thing to do? Is it going to seem like you want more, is it going to seem like you dont want more? – RB, 32, Mumbai

Is the polite response to oral sex to return oral sex? – Ayesha, 25, Mumbai

Is it rude to ask people not to tell anyone about your hook-up? Are you supposed to assume they won’t? Will they feel offended if you ask? – Roli, 26, Pune

What are you SexEtt questions? Tell us here in the comments – or email us at – or tell us on twitter – @agentsofishq – or Facebook –

We are going to gather your questions together and try to have them answered by a committee of people who know about these things!

Here’s to better SexEtt then!



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