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So, to celebrate World Poetry Day – here are 20 of the poems we loved from the nearly 50 entries, cuddling up to some iconic kisses from the world of art! And what they tell us is kisses go from sweet to saucy, tender to raunchy, mischievous to gloomy and every other shade of desire. Enjoy!

1.  ‘Ek Inch Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya’ by Shaheen Muhammed


2. ‘Multi- Lingual’ by Ahana Basu


3. ‘Rasiya’ by Sneha Annavarapu


4. ‘Narmyodha’ by Saurabh Gupta


5.  #KissKavita by Harnidh Kaur


6. #KissKavita by Sharanya Manivannan


7. ‘Chumma’ by Tarun Bhartiya


8. #KissKavita by Kirtana


9. #KissKavita by Tuhinaa Vohra


10.  ‘Chummu’ by Arundhati Ghosh


11.  #KissKavita by Harnidh Kaur


12. #KissKavita by Anutosh Pandey


13. ‘Aftertaste’ by Ayushi Mona


14. ‘Bosa’ by Ravneet Dhingra


15. ‘Kiss Hamara Stop Ho Gaya’ by Vidha Saumya


16. ‘Malice In Wonderland’ by Malice


17 #KissKavita by Sukanya Subramaniyan


18. #KissKavita by Rinchen Thakur


19. ‘Ummmma – A Limerick’ by Nandita Jayaraj




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