Sexy Saturday Songs

I come from a generation that only had radio for entertainment as an adolescent. So most often ‘ears’ were really our eyes to the world. The list below has a few songs which we heard often and then everything else was left to imagination. And that was the most sensual part of the experience. How we interpreted and perceived the words defined our idea of sex and sexual acts.

  1. Naa Daaro Rang: This is a classical bandish in Raag Bageshri taught to me by my Guruji. Although it describes the plight of a gopi who is being coloured during holi by Krishna her description is very very tactile. She says to him that the water he is using with colours is making her clothes stick to her body and everyone in the area has a full view of her body. Without being too literal the imagery that this song evokes is rather sexual. 

  2. Nilaa Kaayuthu Neram Nalla Nerum: This one is a tamil song from the seventies from a film called Sakala Kala Vallavan starring Kamal Haasan. This one was special because me and my cousins got our hands on the cassette and used to play it often. Interestingly the song portrays the woman being equally into the sexual act as much as the man. She initiates the song saying “the moon shines bright and it's the right time for ‘kama’ (God of Lust) to send his arrow into our hearts.” Also the end of the song had the moans and groans that accompany a sexual act. My grandmother used to get very angry every time we played the song and finally broke the cassette!

  3. Woh Haseen Dard De De: This song is from a Hindi film called Humsaya. I always loved Asha Bhonsle’s voice and this song remains my favourite for various reasons. When I was about seventeen and heard this song in a loop because I loved the melody and the voice, an older friend from the locality sat me down and explained the ‘hidden’ meaning of this song. That’s when I realised that the ‘dard’ mentioned in the song may not have just to do with the ‘heart’!

  4. Jaane Kaise Kab Kahan: Picturised on Amitabh Bachchan and Smita Patil in a film called Shakti, this song represented sex only in its picturisation. Bold and sensuous my friends and I went to watch the film several times just to see this song!

  5. Ek Ghadi Aur Theher: I know this is a bit narcissistic but I have to mention this song from D-Day which I penned. For me the song was about a doomed love story between a prostitute and a soldier. But Nikhil Advani pictured it so beautifully that it became about the few stolen moments of sensuality between the two. It was composed and sung with sensuality in mind more than the doom!

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