Sexy Saturday Songs

Hello doston, long time no see, except some of you, who are getting a lot of action it seems.

I’m very excited that I got to do my own playlist for Agents of Ishq’s Sexy Saturday Songs. But frankly, when I myself am a singing condom, why should I play other people singing, don’t you agree? After all reciprocity is not about mimickry no?

So I’m going to provide the songs as titles to my Condom It’s OK playlist.

  1. Naam Gum Jayega

    Sometimes I worry that there will be no one to keep my name alive, if people hesitate to take it so much? Arre but why? I am Munna the Singing Condom not Voldemort!! That is why I love this scene. A woman saves the day and makes my naam roshan! She takes responsibility for her own safety and pleasure. And when that woman is Mallika Sherawat, I forget to complain about that other fellow calling me cotton earbuds and cough syrup bloody.

  2. Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega

    Every time I watch this scene, my eyes fill up with tears. It’s very moving. As you know friends, I’ve suffered a lot from people’s attitudes to me – shame, embarrassment, scorn. Verily, Munna Badnam Hua, Darling Tere Liye. Watch how this young man, stands up to the world, to his parents, for himself – AND for me! Baita hamara aisa kaam karega, I had never dreamt. Honesty and openness are so sexy to me!

  3. Kisi Shayar Ki Ghazal, Dreamgirl

    You can never be too lucky or too safe I say! Keep a condom handy and your dreams will be true. This film oozes sexy to me because the boy in the film knows how to think with all the right parts without losing the plot.

  4. Jahan Main Jaata Hoon Wahin Chale Aate Hain

    Well you know, I would rather sing than boast, and though I can’t prove it, this little French animation film, so popular on the internet, is rumoured to be based on my life. Given how much the girls seem to like the dude in the film, I’d say it’s familiar! And it’s true, everyone finds a partner who looks out for them sexy. I certainly do too. It makes you feel like you’re in something together.

  5. Summer of ‘69

    So not too many of you will know this great classic. But I grew up idolizing these guys and wanting to be just like them. They were free and easy as they walked all over the world singing about what it means to be condoms – equal but diverse, single but together, there is one for everyone. They were the ultimate band for my generation of condoms – and good not only in summer and not only for ’69. 

  6. Khullam Khulla Pyar Karenge Hum Dono

    When I see this film I feel, like a feminist. I feel like saying to myself, “You’ve come a loooong way baby.” I’m out, I’m proud, I’m so good to go. Take me with you, why don’t you bae, set me free why don’t you babe!

Tune in to the playlist of all of Agents of Ishq's Sexy Saturday Songs here.

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