Sexy Saturday Songs

You could say that songs are already a fantasy – at least the picturisation and videos are – and you would get no argument from us.

But the videos in this playlist are actual fantasizing – or a fantasy inside the fantasy and they span the breadth of sensual experience from mildly erotic to v.v. hot – so enjoy.

  1. Ek Ek Shey Channa: The dream sequence is a staple of the fantasy song. If it’s in a dream it’s not real so you can do anything, right? You can be anywhere. Our first song here is from Pakistan and full of Freudian references – check the shells and flowers with a hint of Georgia O’Keefe! And when clouds are pink, who can think? Can only feel and do! Noor Jehan’s voice is drenched in sensuality and slow come-ons, so close your eyes and listen or gaze at this gauzy dream sequence.

  2. Made in India: We’re not sure if fantasies can be included under Make in India initiatives but Alisha Chinai thought of it a long long time ago. She wanted a fantasy man. She got Milind Soman. So fantasies come true. So, be wise, fantasize, otherwise how else will you know what you want?

  3. Dreamum Wakeupum: This song is raunchy, physical, it’s love-lusht and that’s not double kasht for us actually, because the franker the fantasy the more breathless it leaves you!

  4. Janeman Janeman: This is fantasy in a fantasy and also tells us about fantasy. It’s a very cerebral entry in our playlist but the brain needs a little teasing for that sexy feeling. Amol Palekar and Vidya Sinha go watch Dharmendra and Hema Malini romance in a movie and then romance each other in the same way, while we watch them in a movie. It’s so dizzying, you got to give in. Or as our mummies would say, beta, it’s meta.

  5. Pyarge Aagbittaite: Sometimes it’s nice to role-play and the awesome two-some in this Kannada song seem to be enjoying it very much, thank you. In their enjoyment is our enjoyment.

  6. Justify My Love: Madonna’s Justify My Love is teeming with steamy, naughty, transgressive and is full of the spirit of fun. In fantasy is exhilaration.

Tune in to the playlist of all of Agents Of Ishq's Sexy Saturday Songs here.

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