By Aditi Ghatole

Illustration by Miss Moti

Vaginas are beautiful
So are dicks
Full asses and slender bums
Take your pick.
Pot bellies are sensual
Flat tummies are ‘in’
Belly rolls are welcome here
Having a body ain’t a sin.
Penises long or slender
Breasts soft and tender
For some chemistry, we vouch!
In the bedroom or the couch!
Regardless of what you say
The clitoris is the best
On lonesome nights, on shitty days
It’s a worthy little quest.
With him or her
Gendered or queer
A marriage or a date
Experience only makes it better mate!
We love the grabbing and
The handful of sqeezing. But…
We know. Making love
Ain’t always easy!
So, we help each other quench the thirst,
With bodies – spread apart
And we learn to love ourselves first!
Each piece, each broken part.

Aditi Ghatole is a wannabe BomBae from Nagpur. An असभ्य औरत also know as the hysterical​ woman. 



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