Have you ever been in love? What did it feel like?

क्या आपको कभी प्यार हुआ है? क्या महसूस किया आपने प्यार में?

yesYesits something different. only by experiencing it can u understand.cannot be expressed in words the feeling is soyeah, everyday i fall for her over and over and it is awesomeIts DivineIt is exhilarating. It make you happy when you are with them . Their attention makes you feel special and help you create that bond with other person.it feels like i existyes and I lost my memory because no any thing in my mind at that timeFrustrated and ecstatic and confused and angry and happy and joyous अजब कशिश है तेरे होने या न होने में गुमाँ ने मुझ को हक़ीक़त से बाँध रक्खा है - अरशद_लतीफ़awesomeyesits a quote by Nayyireh Waheed but it perfectly explains how it felt like everything I have ever lost come back to mNot reallyYa, i dont find words to express that feeling Felt like a kick in the balls. Not comfurtableIt hurt like hellYes! I felt energised and scared. I was always turned onStupid.I have never wanted to fuck someone so badly in my lifeHua hai. Mostly one-sided.Plenty of times. It feels like rediscovering someone who you knew very intimately from some other time or place or dimension.Yes, It felt like being in heavenYesIt is very confusing.It felt like loveYesHave been but never recieved.NoI never been in loveVery disppointingexitinghow to make babiesYesHaaa use pyar karne kaa Mann karta haiIt increases your creativity all of a suddenIncrease your creativityyAn expierence which hardly can ve repeated with the same impact as ut was at the first timlike shitbrgilfnlultimateyes it is over-rated Once. It was other worldly. Societal norms sucks.Comfortable.Luminescent.Simple...its different!!!Simple...its different!!!Simple...its different!!!AMAZING. LIBERATING. JOYOUS. flyingExhillirating. Like reaching homehappynobeautiful
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