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Have you ever been in love? What did it feel like?

क्या आपको कभी प्यार हुआ है? क्या महसूस किया आपने प्यार में?

yesYesits something different. only by experiencing it can u understand.cannot be expressed in words the feeling is soyeah, everyday i fall for her over and over and it is awesomeIts DivineIt is exhilarating. It make you happy when you are with them . Their attention makes you feel special and help you create that bond with other person.it feels like i existyes and I lost my memory because no any thing in my mind at that timeFrustrated and ecstatic and confused and angry and happy and joyous अजब कशिश है तेरे होने या न होने में गुमाँ ने मुझ को हक़ीक़त से बाँध रक्खा है - अरशद_लतीफ़awesomeyesits a quote by Nayyireh Waheed but it perfectly explains how it felt like everything I have ever lost come back to mNot reallyYa, i dont find words to express that feeling Felt like a kick in the balls. Not comfurtableIt hurt like hellYes! I felt energised and scared. I was always turned onStupid.I have never wanted to fuck someone so badly in my lifeHua hai. Mostly one-sided.Plenty of times. It feels like rediscovering someone who you knew very intimately from some other time or place or dimension.Yes, It felt like being in heavenYesIt is very confusing.It felt like loveYesHave been but never recieved.NoI never been in loveVery disppointingexitinghow to make babiesYesHaaa use pyar karne kaa Mann karta haiIt increases your creativity all of a suddenIncrease your creativityyAn expierence which hardly can ve repeated with the same impact as ut was at the first timlike shitbrgilfnlultimateyes it is over-rated Once. It was other worldly. Societal norms sucks.Comfortable.Luminescent.Simple...its different!!!Simple...its different!!!Simple...its different!!!AMAZING. LIBERATING. JOYOUS. flyingExhillirating. Like reaching homehappynobeautifulsuperlative upper, monstrous downerLike I am in a vortex of a storm and everything, everyone around me is spinning. That life as I knew it has changed irrevocably.Like it was ripping you apart in the most welcome way. Like it was ripping you apart in the most welcome way. I never did. Bt it happenedDrugsYes and it felt like I was invincible. Natasha badhwarNatasha badhwarit felt amazingNOBeautiful, confusing, exciting, worryingniceI have. It didn't last and I never thought it'd end like this. I self-sabotaged it but it was beautiful and I loved being in love. I still am, wondering how to get over it. And him.Bahut anandmauBoht alag Uski Ankhan mein dubb jata hun Jb use Dekhta hunIntense and ScaryIntense and ScaryIntense and ScaryHeadyLike being high on a divine drug!loveSOooo Much Intensity , felt like a soulmate , out of the world experience , can not be explained in words ; Just amazing PeacefulCheesiness starts to feel awesome! You can't stop blushing or smiling on thinking about the person. Even when you're busy, the person is slightly lingering somewhere in the back of your head.Cheesiness starts to feel awesome! You can't stop blushing or smiling on thinking about the person. Even when you're busy, the person is slightly lingering somewhere in the back of your head.like the oxygen supply to my brain has been cut offin hindsight, I'm sickened that that's the situation I felt love inin hindsight, I'm sickened that that's when I felt lovein hindsight, I'm sickened that that's when I felt lovenoYesYesStoriesits a wonderful experience For a few, brief moments when I hugged her, i felt love. It felt like all your worries didn't matter anymore, and all that mattered was to stay at the moment, then everything will be alrightNothing else matters!CLOUD 9yes... and its feels good. although it ended i have no regrets and although more reasons to be in love allllll over again. people who needs space in live, please go to NASAYes,I felt joyous and fulfilled from within BreathingnoHelloHelloi am in love right now and it feels shocking that this actually existspernhgoodGoogleit feels like one of the luckiest feelings in the world प्यार के बिना जीवन अधूरा हैप्यार के बिना जीवन अधूरा है, प्यार के बिना हम अपनी बांट नहीं सकतेPodcastFor a few days you feel light as air. Gravity does not pull you down . You see only good around you. You float. You are always happy. For a few days. GoodGreat feeling...still in love ...four years Great feeling...still in love ...four years One side loveCompellingamazingwomen's poitical empowermentIt made appreciate the beauty of small things. And it made me crave for small intimate connections.The feeling of love seems alien to me. Not many girls would prefer someone like me.Бурш http://agentsofishq.com 2nashaamastrubationSafe Exciting ComfortableNoIt felt really nice in the beginning. I felt loved. I couldn't believe it was happening to me. As we got more and more intimate, the more we sank into each otherNope. I'm just alone.Nope. I'm just alone..Nah, I'm just a lonely guy.Whenever I think about the time I was in love,the memories and the joy of it flows through my body. For those 5 seconds everything's just lights upI have never been in love. I am miserably single. Like I could be happy. Like I could love myself more around them. katkumarNever fell in love.Yes. Like my body was floating it was light and presentYes I was in love once. It feels amazing, like I am flying, i realized what happiness actually is. It was wonderful. Intensely philosophical! Like there was no bridge required between oneself and the other person. You'd just know what they wanted and vice versa. So abstract yet precise.Yes, many times. It felts like my heart was opening and I expressed my love to my body more. LesbianYesit feels like that you have someone to share little things withPeace and security amongst chaos! Peace and security amongst chaos! Yes. It felt like I was home, it was what heaven must feel like. Where I didn’t need anything more. nashaaCalm and comfortingCalm and comfortingyes i have
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