(English) Is Pyaar Ko Main Kya Naam Doon! Words People Use for Masturbation

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May is International Masturbation Month. Not that every month isn’t a good one to show yourself some love and joy, but this month we celebrate and explore the idea in different ways.

Masturbation continues to be a taboo topic like most things sex, so naturally people have created lots of funny, creative euphemisms and slang words for it. In Romania they call it ‘Shaking Hands with the President.’ In France its ‘Milking the Cow’. And in apna desh the most famous phrase is of course ‘Apna Haath Jagannath’.

But, we thought, surely there must be more words now, new, improved, and full creative? So we asked folks on twitter and here’s a whole lot of new masturbation slang we learned!
















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