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(English) I Want It That Way! Women, Tell Us What Makes Sex Good!

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Women have been talking a lot about their sexual lives recently. A lot of it is about the not-so-cool, the difficult stuff — the awkward, the unpleasant, the downright scary. And that’s important and necessary.

At Agents of Ishq we believe one way of changing what’s not working for us, is to also start defining what does work for us! To talk about what makes sex good!

To talk about the kind of sex that reminds you of why you want it in the first place.That leaves you smiling, makes you feel better about yourself and the world. Do women have that kind of sex enough, and talk about it enough? Do we know enough about what women truly enjoy?

So, for this Women’s Day, we decided to make an awesome video, made up of all the little things women say is their favourite – or one of their favourite – thing in bed. Is it a feeling, a sexy sensation, a sexy move? A kiss on the neck, talking dirty, cuddling, being on top – channel your inner Spice Girl and tel us what you want – what you really, really want!

You can tell us by filling in the form below in any language, (in as much details as you can!) – and we will read out your response in our video. Or if you want to tell us in your own voice – which will be great – you can upload an audio recording and send it to us at agentsofishq@gmail.com.

Fill up the form below. You can use a pseudonym if you like. The form accepts all languages. Everything is completely anonymous and secure.

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