Why are Bheem and Hidimba the Real Deal?

We spoke to the artist and graphic novelist Amruta Patil about the different ways in which love and relationships exist in her work. Amruta takes very familiar love stories from mythology, and places them in contexts that seem relatable. Her keen observations about these love stories in her books Adi Parva and Sauptik, and the more personal Kari, will open up your heart, and help understand the myriad lovers and relationships that come our way. Love and relationships, in a real lived sense, are not bound by society’s norms of coupledom and monogamy, after all.

So if you want to know why even though Bheem was committed to Draupadi, he and Hidimba were the real deal, watch the video below! And remember to share the video and spread the love.

Amruta Patil on The Different Forms Of Love In Her Work

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